Sunday, 25•08•2019

The biggest trio in UK bass and garage history will be joining us for the first time, as we welcome Royal-T, DJ Q and Flava D. Each artist are dons of the genre in their own right, individually gathering loyal supporters with a whole slew of club shaking productions and reputations for roadblock sets, but together, they are the formidable TQD. A powerhouse of talent on the legendary Butterz label, TQD began life as an almost mythical joining of three unique talents, quickly snowballing into a must-see act for bassline lovers and ravers alike. The group oozes both an immense passion for, and supreme skill in DJing and production, which is felt by anyone within earshot of the speakers. They’ve proved themselves in worldwide clubs and festivals time and time again, including a headline Electric Brixton show and a memorable Mixmag Lab Garage showcase which showed their skills and genre-defying abilities, and we can assure you they will be ready to get Clapham Common popping this August.

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