Sunday, 30•08•2020

After last years’s mad performance on the Capital Xtra stage, London’s resident rap goddess Ms Banks is returning to the capital for SW4 2020. The undeniably powerful Ms Banks has been busy these past few years, locking herself in as one of the most impressive new talents in the UK's hip hop scene, already being dubbed ‘the most important woman in UK rap’. With 2019 seeing the long awaited release of her follow up ‘The Coldest Winter Ever Pt 2.’ mixtape, Ms Banks once again showed the world that she’s not to be messed with on the mic, with sharp, punchy lyrics that radiate empowerment and talent. Having already caught the eye of superstar Nicki Minaj, with possible hints of a collaboration on the horizon, Ms Banks is far from settling down, and will be taking over the capital’s airwaves for the foreseeable future… 2019 was a blast, and 2020 is set to see Ms Banks take things bigger than we’ve seen from her before…

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