Sunday, 25•08•2019

To keep genuine authenticity in their new project, Chase and Status have been busily working with fresh Jamaican talent to bring original reggae samples to their new Jungle productions. It’s only suitable then for some of these artists to hit up the stage alongside Chase and Status to fully capture the sound of RTRN II JUNGLE. Direct from Kingston, we’ve got conscientious vocalist Kabaka Pyramid ready to bring his energetic hip hop lyricism and reggae melodies to the Common.

The DJ/Producer/Rapper has heavy influences in a variety of musical styles, and has turned his love of intense lyricism and social activism to create the Kabaka Pyramid name, under which he writes, produces and records. Collaborations with the likes of Damian Marley and Akon have made Kabaka Pyramid one of the world’s top reggae artists, and this August he’ll be joining Chase and Status on their RTRN II JUNGLE stage to provide some pure Jamaican reggae vibes to the jungle action.

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