Sunday, 25•08•2019

Over the span of a career that’s over a decade long, Chip, formally Chipmunk, has managed to be one of the most prolific and talented acts to ever come out of British grime, and he’s not even 30. The MOBO award winning artist started big in the game, with his 2009 debut album ‘I am Chipmunk’ spawning an unbelievable four top ten singles and hurling the young rapper from London into critical and commercial success. Chip had started in the underground, exploded into the mainstream and then stayed at the top, collaborating with stars like Chris Brown and touring across the globe, all way staying true to his roots, keeping the music, the message and the flawless performance consistent throughout. Now - with his rebirth as Chip - he’s heading back to his foundations, maturing his sound and paying respects to his Jamaican roots. From the hands-in-the-air quality of smash hit ‘Oopsy Daisy’ all the way through to the matured and developed sound of ‘CRB Check’ Chipmunks style may have changed, but the quality has remained on top form.

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