Saturday, 24•08•2019

For the first time ever at SW4, we’re proud to be bringing a unique showcase of San Holo’s bitbird label to the Common. Bitbird is a young label based in the Netherlands that has been pushing fresh, emotionally charged music from a variety of new artists, regardless of genre. A deep passion for original music runs deep through the label, which has eagerly embraced music from across the board and cultured some of the most excited rising talents in the game. Representing the label at the festival, alongside bitbird boss San Holo, are Taska Black and Duskus. Taska Black is the young up and comer who’s been diligently pushing the boundaries of traditional electronic music to connect with millions of global listeners, creating powerful tracks like ‘Losing our Minds’ and ‘Get Out Of My Head’; and Duskus is the Londoner behind future beat hits like ‘Closed’ and ‘Find You’, who’s famed for his ethereal and progressive melodies and basslines, that have infected dancefloors far and wide.

Bitbird showcase: Taska Black & Duskus elsewhere