As the availability of camera phones and the culture of recording on them increases, if you are using/filming/advertising your phone at South West Four for a short or prolonged period of time, you are making yourself even more visible to a small percentage of people who are motivated to steal your possessions. Please be aware that your free-on-contract handset is worth a lot more in other hands.

Please, don’t advertise your property

  • Avoid displaying your phone and valuables unnecessarily, for example photographing or recording artists/DJs.
  • Keep your phone in a secure place, not in a loose, easily accessible back pocket.
  • Be aware of the behaviour of those around you. Report anything suspicious to a security guard or steward.

Don’t let it ruin your South West Four experience

  • Activate your phone's security code.
  • Back up all your contacts and data before you leave home.
  • Make your phone identifiable - use permanent property marking techniques and mark the battery.
  • Register your mobile phone’s IMEI number for FREE on
  • Utilize GPS tracker apps on your smart phone.
  • Stick with your friends and identify a suitable meeting point so if you do get split up you can find each other even if someone has lost their phone or had it stolen.
  • Don’t leave handbags open or pockets easily accessible.
  • Don't keep cash, cards and valuables in one place - spread them out among your pockets and clothing, using pockets secured by zips/buttons or in pockets inside jackets where possible. Be aware that in a crowded environment, where contact with other people is unavoidable, thieves will try to unzip/unbutton pockets and bags.

If your phone or personal property is stolen

  • As soon as you realise that any of your property is missing, inform both a member of the venues staff/security team and the Police immediately. Do not wait until you get home.

  • Contact your network provider to ask for the SIM card and handset to be blocked.

For more advice and information visit the Metropolitan Police website at: