Home Alone with SW4 - Talking It Out #1: Hedex

Welcome to Home Alone with SW4!

First up in our exclusive interview series 'Talking It Out', we have Jump Up DnB wunderkind Hedex, who we've talked it out with and got some insight into what we can expect from his Clapham Common debut this summer...

First off, where are you in the world right now?

Hedex: I’m at my appartment in Manchester, UK - fully locked down!

You’ve been on the scene since 2013.What do you think was the changing point for your career?

Hedex: There has been loads! Each little step ive taken has really helped to continue growing myself - but the univerz festival video from a couple years ago with that mix i did with mr happy, signing to the label im on now dubz audio, rampage 2017 show with mc skywalker i could go on for ages!

This is your SW4 debut! What can the crowd expect from you?

Hedex: I’m currently writing lots of new music and with everything going on the world right now its only making me want to have more ready for when we are back out there. The crowd can expect nothing but Hedex music that you haven’t heard before!

You recently made your Printworks debut. How was that? Was this a significant point in your career?

Hedex: Printworks was a career highlight for sure - the venue is beautiful and the crowds are always so up for the rave, its a beautiful place i wish i could spend every weekend.

2019 saw the release of your first album. In this you made many collaborations. Who was your favourite artist to work with and why?

Hedex: Sounds cliche but i loved them all, from the upfront energy with turno to the lyrics from harry shotta - im so glad how it all came together. I even had the track with Roxi Yung a couple years ago that i kept coming back to and polishing up ready for its release, im so glad that made the album.

You’re originally from Cambridge, what got you into Drum&Bass? What’s the scene like in Cambridge?

Hedex: Apart from Warning there isn’t much, i only knew 1 person growing up who liked drum and bass so if im honest there wasnt anything at all! I have some plans to change that in the coming months though... ;)

If you were to have one highlight moment in your career what would it be?

Hedex: It would have to be the Univerz Festival or Rampage 100%

What can we expect in the new decade? Any more albums? Any big plans?

Hedex: More everything, whether its music, business or anything in between i'm just going to work harder. I run a clothing brand called @gankbelgium, a sample platform @bytheproducer and do a couple more things, so just hard work for the next 10!

Have you been busy in the studio? Will we bare witness to any of these potential productions at SW4?

Hedex: Yeah definitely, one month ago i put 8 new song previews on my soundcloud and i could probably do it again now with 8 more, im writing so much i cant wait to hear it all at shows thats for sure.

Being from the UK you’re no stranger to the crowds. Where is your favourite place to perform and why?

Hedex: Sounds cliche but so many different places for different reasons. Antwerp in Belgium, Perth in Australia, Bristol in England - the list goes on, everywhere has their beautiful touch that allow me to play different sets week in week out, what a blessing when i think about it.

During your sets what are your favourite tracks to perform?

Hedex: My colaboration with Modestep 100% is my own personal favourite from myself.

If your music had a smell, what would it be?

Hedex: Probably a stinky one ;-)

What do you most look forward to about SW4?

Hedex: SW4 is a historically important festival in English culture, i can’t wait to showcase myself there and be a part of something so amazing. I can’t thank you guys enough for the invite.

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