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Second up in our 'Talking It Out' series, we have an exclusive interview from the global bass powerhouse that is Carnage. We delve into all things Carnage as he offered an insight into his history, favourite gigs, his perception of the London crowd, what his Printworks debut was like and what’s next in the pipeline…

Let's start by asking - Where are you from and where are you currently in the world?

Carnage: My name is Diamanté Anthony Blackmon, I am originally from Guatemala, but grew up in Maryland. Over the past 15 years I have been known as Carnage, Papi Gordo, El Diablo and a few other aliases. I tour nonstop, however, considering the pandemic the world, I am posted up in my home in Las Vegas.

How old was you when you first started to DJ/produce?

Carnage: I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember, since I was like 4. I didn’t start making beats till early high school though when I was around 14.

2019 looked like a really big year for you with shows all around the world – which show was your stand-out?

Carnage: I threw a festival in Bangkok that sold out 10,000 people which was epic. Then on Halloween I brought my touring series ‘HELL’ to New York and put on the biggest party in the city. That also sold out with 5000 people. I also spun in Saudi Arabia as well which was a first for me. 2019 was dope.

You’ve worked with some huge artists in the EDM scene – who has been your favourite to work with and tell us why?

Carnage: Everyone is easy and difficult to work with in their own way, you kind of have to be a perfectionist in a way to be a great producer. If I had to pick one though… I’d probably say Diplo. Wes’s whole vibe is about being free and going with the moment. When producing that vibe creates an atmosphere where literally I don't even know what we’re working on some of the time, but it sounds sick so we just keep going haha.

You broke into the scene with tracks such as your Hardwell – Spaceman festival trap remix in 2012.. what has been your favourite release since then?

Carnage: My favorite release will always be whatever track I am putting out next,

You’re last show in London was in October at Printworks - are you looking forward to playing at a major UK festival like SW4 in the summer?

Carnage: Printworks was insane! I did a bunch of shows in Europe last summer and London was absolutely crazy. There is a special vibe you get when in the UK that you just don’t get anywhere else so anytime I have a show in northwest Europe I make sure to highlight it on my calendar.

We got to ask… Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Carnage: Nah not really.

What can we expect from your set at SW4 this summer?

Carnage: 1 hour of nonstop energy combining the absolute hardest hitting shit you've ever heard with hip hop / rap /grime and the classics we all know and love. Just wait...

How does the London crowd compare to the rest of the world in your opinion?

Carnage: London definitely goes hard as fu*k. The crowd is always so responsive and everyones goes off to all types of music. As a DJ, it allows you to experiment a bit more so it's super sick to play for crowds like that. I also have a ton of friends who live in the city. London has a special place in my heart.

What would you like to say to anyone reading this thinking of coming to see your performance at SW4 this summer?

Carnage: Hi my name is Carnage. I am about to blow your mind into a million pieces at the end of August. I hope you’re ready. :)

Last not but not least… for your set at SW4 can fans expect to hear new music? And will be this be dropping before the festival?

Carnage: Yes

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