Welcome back to our South West Four 2019 'SW4 Selects' series, where we will be featuring the artists who will be joining us on Clapham Common this August Bank Holiday weekend. We will be asking them questions all around their performance and what they have in store for you this summer at SW4.

In #5 we have the incredible DJ Semtex, who will be joining us this year at SW4 for his debut performance inside the Capital Xtra stage on Day Two. We caught up with DJ Semtex, and he has provided some key insight into what we can expect from his performance. Read below...

Hi DJ Semtex, where in the world are you currently and what was the last gig that you played?

Currently in the UK, just played on the mainstage at Wireless Festival which was an incredible experience.

You’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in Hip Hop/Grime and Garage worldwide, how has it been over the years speaking and getting an insight with these names?

As a fan I’m privileged to be able to witness history being made first hand. I feel like it’s a duty to document the culture the right way. Every interview is important and conducted with the utmost sincerity and integrity.

What has been the most memorable interview you have ever conducted, do any stand out especially, for good or bad reasons?

The ‘More Life’ interview with Drake is the biggest and most memorable. In 2009 Drake was making a name for himself on the blogs and mixtape circuit, and I was playing his earlier material on my radio show. I heard he was coming to the UK to record, so I reached out to his team to arrange an interview. We recorded it in Hyde Park, and it was classic moment that went viral. 7 years later on thje first date of his UK tour he reached out to me via DM and said “Really want to do an interview with you while I’m out here. Feel like it could be a good full circle moment”. We did it and it broke the internet. It was a world exclusive that was getting played on radio stations across the globe, different parts of the interview were mentioned on every news channel, and it put me in a very different position.

You’re a trusted source when it comes to finding the next big thing, so who should we be looking out for over the next year?

Drill started in Chicago, over here we put our own spin on it with UK Drill which has in turn influenced Spanish Drill, Netherlands, Drill, and Australian Drill. What’s crazy is that we have also influenced New York Drill and Pop Smoke will be the first artist that you hear about with that sound in the US. I don’t think that scene or those artists categorize themselves as New York Drill, but the influence has gone full circle.

Also, watch out for SimxSantana, and YBN Cordae from the US. From the UK it’s all about SD Muni, Tunde, and Abigail and Vanessa. Rema is the future, he is an incredible singer/songwriter from Nigeria produced by the legend Don Jazzy. Guilty Beatz is a DJ / Producer from Ghana, who is about to take his sound worldwide.

You’re joining us at South West Four this year, do you have any big surprises planned?

Definitely, I’m gonna be bringing some friends with me.

Capital Xtra has its very own stage at SW4 this year, how exciting is it to stand amongst such an impressive line-up, is it ever intimidating?

I’m never intimidated. Capital Xtra is my family, and it’s dope to be performing alongside legends and hottest new DJs coming through.

Are you going to have time to watch any of the festival this year? Who are you most excited to see on the bill?

I’m going to try to watch as much as possible, I’ve got a lot of friends on the line up such as Chip, Ms Banks, Ms Dynamite, and Chase and Status. But I want to catch DaBaby’s set.

You’ve travelled all over the world now, but what makes the crowds in the UK special?

They have different level of energy, they are the crowd that keeps giving.

What do you prefer, radio DJing or live shows? Or both?

Both. They are very different activities from each other. I love being on stage and moving the crowd, and I also love hosting my live show on Capital Xtra, every Friday from 9pm.

Finally, with not long until SW4 weekend now, can you give us any exclusive hints as to what we should expect from your set?

I can’t snitch on myself and reveal what I have lined up, but just know that I’m going to shut it down differently, I’m gonna give the crowd exactly what they want and more...


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