Welcome back to our South West Four 2019 'SW4 Selects' series, where we will be featuring the artists who will be joining us on Clapham Common this August Bank Holiday weekend. We will be asking them questions all around their performance and what they have in store for you this summer at SW4.

Here is #3 with South Africa's very own Distruction Boyz, who will be joining us this year at SW4 for their debut and a rare London appearance. We caught up with Distruction Boyz recently, and how they are preparing to bring a completely different flavour to the festival this year with their afrobeat sounds that are causing serious waves across the globe. This one is set to be electric, and you can get an insight into the boyz below...

Hi guys, where in the world are you right now and what was the last gig that you played?

Hey we’re down in Durban South Africa the last gig we played at was the Budweiser x Kings of Music in Johannesburg

You’re from Durban, South Africa. How can you define the ‘Durban’ or Gqom sound for those who don’t know?

It’s one of the worlds most unique sound from the drums to the chants and repetitive sounds a high tempo experience.

Can you recommend any other artists that your fans should check out?

Griffit Vigo , Rude Boyz , Drega , Blaq Rhythm , Dlala Thukzin

Have you got one performance that really stands out for you? Why was it so special?

Yes,The Sonar Festival in Barcelona because it was our first time performing in such a huge festival with so many different stages an amazing audience also having Diplo peep your set through a closed curtain because the music was just so good.

Your track Omunye went viral because of Black Panther and now it has over 11m views, did you ever expect it to blow up so much?

We actually had no idea it was going to be so big we were just creating music for everyone to enjoy then we got more than we bargained for and that was just a huge blessing

Your debut album ‘Gqom Is The Future’ achieved Gold success in 2017, making it the first in the genre to achieve this. How does it feel to be paving the way like this?

It’s actually certified platinum now we might have to check to see if hasn’t reached double platinum status but it means the world to us to be at the forefront of the movement,it gives us an opportunity to discover new talent and share our experiences with them.

Recent years have seen Afrobeats enter the UK charts, why do you think this crossover has happened now?

The world of music is become smaller and smaller and songs don’t need visas to travel but mainly sounds are being infused and lyrical content appeals to wider audiences which is really kind of cool.

You’re appearing at a few UK festivals this year, are you ready to bring the party to South West Four in August for your debut?

Yes! We’re super excited and we can’t wait to share all our new music with everyone that’s coming to party with us at the festival.

After a crazy few years, what’s next for Distruction Boyz?

We’re doing a lot of remixes and collaborations with artists from across the world trying to push the sound as far as we can so there will be a lot of music and travel happening for us

For those who have never experienced your live shows, what can they expect at SW4 this summer and how will it be something different to what SW4 fans will experience all weekend long?

There is nothing we enjoy more than being on stage so besides us being behind the decks we’ll be tearing up the stage with our crazy chants and dance moves

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