Welcome back to our South West Four 2019 'SW4 Selects' series, where we will be featuring the artists who will be joining us on Clapham Common this August Bank Holiday weekend. We will be asking them questions all around their performance and what they have in store for you this summer at SW4.

Here is #2 with London's very own Steel Banglez, who will be venturing to the Common for his festival return this summer. We caught up with Steel Banglez recently, and he gave us an insight into the world of Steel Banglez, how he is dominating the UK's grime scene with his cutting edge productions and causing serious waves with his DJ performances. See Below ahead of his SW4 set this year...

Hi Steel Banglez, where in the world are you now and what was the last gig you played?

Currently at home in London, it was here in the UK, at South Central Festival in Portsmouth.

Good to have you back again for a second year! What’s changed in the set since last year?

A lot has changed in the last year and I’m glad it has. I feel like the UK is ever-evolving with music and it’s like every big song we have, more and more artists are starting to get recognised on a global scale.

It’s been another massive year for you as you continue to work with the biggest names in UK grime. Who have you not yet worked with, that you would love to in the future?

Funny you ask this because the person I’ve wanted to work with for a while, is who I’m just about to work with. I would love to make the name public but it’s going to be a crazy surprise when I do, so all in good time. I’m travelling real soon to meet them!

As a DJ and producer, you’re becoming more and more in the spotlight. Does this appeal to you and do you like the idea of becoming a growing household name within the scene?

Of course, this gives more people more of a reason to come to my sets, come to the stages where I perform etc. I’ve been in this game a long time but a lot of people have only known me for a part of that. To see this kind of recognition, the kind that I’ve been working towards for a big chunk of my life, is literally a dream come true. Onwards and upwards from here.

You’ve got another summer packed with festival appearances, but what makes SW4 special in your opinion?

The fact that this is a festival in London and I’m performing is a great feeling. I have worked with a lot of South London artists and still continue to do so and if it wasn’t for meeting a few of them at crucial points in my life I wouldn’t have made certain moves to push my career. Even though I’m from East London, I have connections to all parts of the city. It’s a great feeling to be back at a festival in my own town.

Tell us about your charity, Wishing Well, and the whole idea behind it?

In the western world we have our issues, but none compare to the ones in certain parts of the world like India and Africa. These are two places I targeted to help with eco wells in deprived areas, and it’s a matter that’s been close to my heart for a while. My own family, and a lot of my friends’ families back home are affected by many things that nobody over here will ever experience so I want to be involved in the start of a change that could help people across the world.

Your career has really taken off into the mainstream over the last year since we saw you last. Do you have one highlight that you can pinpoint for us now?

There are a lot of highlights but creating and seeing the results of my most recent song, ‘Fashion Week’, has definitely been a great series of moments.

Was music always your main passion, or could we have once seen Steel Banglez in a very different career path?

There was a time where I was on a completely different path even though music has been in my life since very young. I would like to say no, but my situation hasn’t always been what it is now in terms of my position in the scene so there were other things I felt like I had to get involved in along the way. But music is what I have always wanted to do.

Do you feel a pressure to go one bigger and better this year at SW4? What surprises can we expect from you?

We will have to find out on the day!

Finally, what can you promise fans thinking of heading down or who are already coming to see you at SW4 this summer?

A whole heap of bangers, courtesy of the artists in the scene right now! The growth I have seen from musicians, especially in the UK, over the years I have been around has been amazing to see and be a part of.

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