In conversation with Benny Benassi: Influences

Living legend Benny Benassi is a world-class DJ whose career has spanned over 15 years and is very deserving of high acclaim in the music industry. He has grown from a club DJ to playing headline sets at festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and Coachella to a multi-million selling record producer. He’s one of the most charming, down to earth and internationally respected artists in the music industry whose sound has perfectly infused tech, electro and house which has helped to redefine the sound of dance music worldwide! The producer behind one of the biggest club tracks in history ‘Satisfaction’ returns to South West 4 this summer so expect to hear this and many of his other well-known tracks during his set which is always one of the highlights of the weekend!

Ahead of his performance at SW4 we asked him to pick some of the tracks that have influenced his music over the years and here is what he chose ... DIG IN!

New Order - Blue Monday

When it came out I hadn’t started djing yet, I went out clubbing every weekend in Italy and I loved the sound, the bass line.. it was incredible… I remember the DJ had two vinyls and went on for 10 minutes just with the instrumental. I loved the cover artwork too.

Depeche Mode - Get the balance right

This is the track that got me on to Depeche Mode. I loved the idea of a band making club music. That red 12” was crazy.

Dan Harrow - Mad Desire

Pure Italo Disco. I still like the drums on this.

Queen - Radio Gaga

An amazing record. This was disco-rock for me. When DJ's put it on, it created an atmosphere that still gives me gooseflesh today just to think about it.

I used to go up to the subwoofers to feel the vibrations of the bass frequencies.

Marshall Jefferson - Move your body

This was the record that turned me on to house music. I actually remixed it a few years ago. It was the first real house music record.

Frankie Knuckles - Your love

Probably the best house record ever. I have nothing to add. I just love it.

Lil’ Louis – French Kiss

This record was a beacon in the fog for me. I still like slipping it into my sets.

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

When French disco came onto the scene, it had its own sound. This is a magic record. Always.

Daft Punk - Around the world

What can I say? When I heard it I knew I had to get out of Italy and find clubs where I could play music like this!

Rui Da Silva - Touch Me

This record has inspired a lot of producers and DJs over the last 20 years, I would guess. And this great Portuguese producer should get a percentage from all of them... And from me too, probably. Lol.

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