Sunday, 27•08•2017

After a six hour solo set at The Gallery in February, Markus Schulz steps up from ‘open till close’ at Ministry of Sound to the open air of Clapham Common, the magnitude of this special occasion increased with the news that Markus will perform as much loved alias ‘DAKOTA.’ The identity under which his productions are most revered, it allows Schulz to showcase a sound darker and more intense – amplifying tougher melodies which are a current trademark whilst still retaining their uplifting properties. Tailor made for nightfall as the musical pace picks up, this is the Markus Schulz signature sound and sure to convert any who may be unfamiliar. Markus will also bring a bespoke DAKOTA production rig designed especially for South West Four along with custom and immersive visuals, all combining to form a set up with Markus befitting of the SW4 main stage itself!