Saturday, 26•08•2017

The godfathers of drum & bass Fabio & Grooverider are arguably the most decorated artists in drum & bass! Beginning their trade over 25 years ago, the duo have pushed the boundaries of the genre and are hugely responsible for where drum & bass is today. The pair’s raw energy and passion for their craft has seen them tour for years and 2017 is no different with a hugely successful 25 years of Fabio & Grooverider event at Electric Brixton which saw fans from all across the city come together to celebrate such a great achievement. Their performance at SW4 will witness them play back-to-back for the first time in their history and it will be with none other than the legendary Marky! The Brazilian wizard is one of the most respected names amongst his peers and his soul & jazz infused approach to drum & bass makes him totally unique compared to any other artist around. An inspired performance at Brixton Academy on NYE reminded people why he is one of the best around. This very exclusive back to back has not been done anywhere else so put your seatbelt on and get ready for the ride!

Fabio & Grooverider VS Marky elsewhere