Saturday, 26•08•2017

Wizards of Drum & Bass Camo & Krooked are one of the most prolific acts in one of the most competitive and ever-evolving movements in electronic music. Their latest album has received rave reviews from far and wide and the duo are showing no signs of slowing down. They tore SW4 to pieces last year and are set to do the same in 2017 as they return to the common for some electrifying drum & bass!

BBC Radio 1’s Friction’s rise to becoming one of the most-revered Drum and Bass producers and DJs in the world is nothing short of glorious. Being one of the few DJs to use three decks to mash up his mixes immediately set him apart from the rest as he is able to create a highly individual sound and has collaborated with some of the world’s most popular artists. The Brighton man has been a regular at SW4 and bringing him back in this very exclusive way is hugely exciting for us!

Camo&Krooked VS Friction elsewhere